Information, Advice & Guidance Needs for Education, Training and Employment Options


March 2014


Qualitative research following up the findings from last year’s Post 16 Options & Raising of the Participation Age Report.


Parents Survey


March 2014


Consultation with parents about their support needs when offering support to their children to make decisions about Post 16 options. Questionnaire completed at parents evenings by 343 parents. 


Post 16 Options for young in Special Educational Needs School Are the options available when you leave school?


March 2014


Project based at Beaucroft Foundation School asking students about their views on Post 16 options.


Exam Stress


March 2014


Qualitative research based on interviews with young people about how exam stress effects them, its wider impact and their support needs. 


Post 16 Options & Raising of the Participation Age Report


March 2013


Report from an online survey completed by 600+ young people and five focus groups. Consultation focused on Information, Advice and Support needs of students making the transition from Year 11.


Dorset Learning Centres: Students views on Post 16 education & learning


March 2013


Consultation with all five Learning Centres in Dorset based on a questionnaire and interviews with 79 students on their views of Post 16 options.


Young Carers and Post 16 Options


March 2014


Qualitative research based on last year’s research that found that young people with caring responsibilities were more likely to want to leave education and enter work at 16 years old. This year’s research focuses on the impact on caring responsibilities on young people’s education and career aspirations.

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Feeling Safe & Bullying Survey Report

April 2016


Report from an online survey that 1675 students completed. The brief was to find out how safe 11-16 year olds feel in a variety of locations as well as information on the prevalence of bullying and how it affects students’ wellbeing.


Health & Happiness Report

May 2016


Following on from last year's Wellbeing Survey with 16-18 year olds, this year we surveyed 11-16 year olds to find out about their health, happiness and wellbeing and compared the data across the 11-18 age group.


Future Careers Report

May 2016


Online surveys and focus groups on information, advice and guidance for making career choices and developing employability skills. In total 1997 young people between the ages of 11-19 years old responded to one of our online surveys.


Health & Happiness

Survey DATA

May 2016


The Health & Happiness Survey collected alot of data that it was not possible to include in our reports. Click below to access the data for different groups of young people, including young people with disabilities and lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. 


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